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3 Steps To Better Virtual Meetings

Like it or not (and many don’t) Virtual Meetings and its many cousins are here to stay. I hear daily both concerns and questions about how to deal best with the virtual communication world. Pretty much gone now are the happy hours and the friends-gatherings and most have settled in to just making it work as best it can while minimizing the overall fatigue. It’s now accepted that Zoom forces the brain and body to work differently than in real conversation, mostly to the negative.

Yet, Virtual Meetings remain a main connecting line for most and it’s a good/hard question about how to stay as effective as we can. These three suggestions hopefully help:

1. Use them as little as possible.

Overwhelmingly, people are, especially for 1-1 connection, enjoying the energy of changing back to the phone. It feels more immediate, and, unlike the video, you can move around and look around, ultimately allowing more healthy concentration and connection.

2. Engage for real.

When on Zoom and it’s your turn, (as is the case for all seated presentation) slide your butt to the front of your chair and get your elbows on the table. This, in turn, will elevate the perception of your engagement and presence. And who doesn’t like more of both of those?

3. Before the camera turns on (forget trying to look into it=more stamina for the call), tell yourself that this is a chance to connect and to contribute.

Yes, there are physical and mental obstacles and those are not going away and this is getting old and it would be so much better if it was over. It’s not, ok!? Connecting and contributing are, when all is said and done, still the most valuable thing you can control for. And, as with Constructive Candor and any other important connection, value begins before you enter the space.

After all, the chances are if you can “show the way” even a bit, it can potentially point the way for more and more of a little better. And when the day comes to walk back into a real conference room, you will have done some actual good during this long meantime until conversations begin again.