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Constructive Candor: A Way Of Life

Think back to your most recent conversations – good and bad. How did you incorporate Constructive Candor? What were you talking about? Who were you talking to? What do those relationships mean to you? How did you show those people you care about them? Or did you?

Life turns on conversations. After all, every relationship is one giant collection of conversations, and your power is that you get to choose how you show up and engage in them. It’s safe to say right now that we can all do a better job of having them more intentionally. Constructive Candor teaches how to consciously prepare for these moments, show genuine care to the other person(s), and create co-authorship of the story of the conversation. It enables the truth to be shared and, more importantly, listened to. It gives a voice to the needs of others and creates shared ownership over the future of the relationship.

There are so many tough issues confronting us today. For your next important conversation about any of them, push yourself by answering three questions before you start: