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Receiving Feedback

You’re about to receive feedback when you sit down for your performance review. What are you thinking 30 seconds before you walk into the room?

What are you saying to yourself?

Chances are you’re tensing up reading this. Chances are you may be using that 30 seconds before you walk in to “prepare your defenses.” This is human nature – our brains are hard-wired to put us in “fight or flight” mode when we feel threatened… Now it’s not death, it’s a chance to improve.

That 30-second space is your chance to make a deliberate, generative shift. Enter that room ready to accept what you hear as true. Commit to embracing the experience as an opportunity to learn and grow. Be resilient with your self-talk and, rather than tell yourself what about the feedback is inaccurate, or how the other person doesn’t fully understand where your intention was coming from. Instead, listen for the truth.

And, if they’re right, “What can I do about that?” “What does this teach me about myself?”

Pause for a moment and remind yourself – feedback is, at its best, what someone observed. The only perception you have of yourself is yours, right? Feedback is a rare opportunity for you to more clearly understand how others perceive you. And because those are the people who comprise your relationships and your teams, I believe there is all to be gained by seeking and considering even a shred of truth and guidance that can only be found in that perception being shared.

Next time you’re walking down the hall for the review or getting input on an idea, remind yourself “Here comes a chance to learn.”