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The dominant question that guides Drew’s work is what individuals and groups must do in a sustainable way to build trust, respect, and strategic optimism, especially in the face of changing ways of successfully working with others.

Individual coaching

Drew engages in a series of individual conversations, centered around the challenges of leadership, change, and culture tailored to your imagined success. Accompanied by an unflinching perspective and interview-driven input from colleagues, each conversation is marked by Constructive Candor and practicality. Though grounded in the realities of your work, conversations with Drew can quickly take a path into the other parts of your life that demand new insights as well. The power of Drew's work is marked by helping clients reframe their thinking about fearing the difficulties of change. Often for the first time, you will vividly see where fear depletes your life AND find ways to productively move forward WITH that fear firmly in hand. 

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Collective coaching

Nothing ever worth doing happens with a singular effort. This aspect of Drew’s coaching work confronts the challenging dynamics of a group of people bound through a business or social aspiration. With special focus on creating genuine trust and respect in how the team communicates about  “problems,”  Drew co-designs and executes provocative conversations that refreshingly confront daily obstacles. Whether it is defining your cultural values or healing a toxic workplace, Drew helps your organization find the clarity and strength to embrace all that excellent teamwork demands.

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