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It’s easy to watch a news story and decide what we think of the characters involved. In this episode, I explore how we can better pause and learn the lessons of what happens around us – not so we can make judgements about others, but so we can make changes in ourselves.

Tell Me What To Say S. 2 Ep. 17: - What's The Moral?


For Drew Kugler, communication and conversation is the essence of life. Since first stepping into the classroom over 35 years ago, he has been called to educate, shape, and lead deep, systemic change in organizations large and small. In a time when the world feels poised to begin the work of fundamental change, Drew seeks to help individuals foster that same change within their communities and their lives.

At once a communication coach, tactical advisor, and structural mastermind, Drew feels called to help you understand yourself and, by extension, the people and places you care about. He believes in working with mindsets and practical frameworks to build a morally prosperous future.